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Protract Hip Stem

With emphasis on maximum stability and ease of use, the StelKast Protract™ Hip Stem provides the surgeon with a comprehensive system that offers standard and lateralized offsets to allow soft tissue balancing without compromising leg length. The Protract stems are made of forged titanium with a proximal surface coating of plasma spray. The circumferential coating on the proximal geometry of the stem provides up to 0.5mm interference fit per side. The distal stem is slotted to better match the elasticity of the isthmic femur. Distal flutes provide additional rotational stability. The Protract stem is implanted using a combination of progressive reaming and broaching to achieve proximal fit and distal fill.

Hip Stem

  • Forged Titanium 6AL-4V
  • Proximal porous coating
  • – Titanium plasma spray
  • – Titanium plasma spray with HA
  • Polished midshaft for increased strength
  • Distal flutes for rotational stability
  • Coronal slot to reduce thigh pain
  • Optimized neck geometry for improved ROM

Femoral Head

  • Polished CoCr and Ceramic options
  • 36mm, 32mm, 28mm, and 22mm diameters
  • Wide range of neck lengths available

Surgical Protocol & Product Specifications