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ProClass Hip Stem

The ProClass™ hip stem is a collarless and tapered design allowing self-seating of the implant and press fit into cortical bone achieving axial and rotational stability. The rectangular geometry of the stem is designed to make endosteal cortical contact in the isthmus to provide primary fixation. Secondary stability is obtained by bone ongrowth to the large, flat, grit-blasted surfaces in the proximal aspect of the stem. To accommodate a range of anatomical conditions, the ProClass stem is available in numerous sizes with either a standard or a lateralized version. The lateral offset gives the surgeon more options to improve stability without sacrificing leg length equality.

Hip Stem

  • Forged Titanium 6AL-7Nb
  • Simple progressive broaching technique
  • Self-stabilizing tapered distal geometry
  • Roughened grit blasted surface
  • Improved Neck Geometry for ROM

Femoral Head

  • Polished CoCr and Ceramic options
  • 36mm, 32mm, 28mm, and 22mm diameters
  • Wide range of neck lengths available

Surgical Protocol & Product Specifications