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Acetabular Cups

StelKast offers a variety of acetabular options to meet the needs of today’s orthopedic surgeons. The modular acetabular system consists of a Titanium shell and a polyethylene liner. The outside of the shell is hemispherical with a rim flare at the circumference and is textured with plasma spray. A 3 screw hole cluster configuration is available. Each shell includes a permanently assembled retaining ring to firmly hold the polyethylene liner, while allowing for easy removal of the liner if required.

Acetabular Shell / Liner

  • Titanium Shell textured finish: Titanium plasma spray
  • Locking ring to secure liner
  • Congruent high luster finish ID
  • Snap-in Polyethylene liner
  • 3 Screw Hole Cluster design
  • Non-hooded and 10º Hooded Options
  • ProAr™ Moderately Cross-linked Polyethylene
  • Highly Cross-linked EXp-Polyethylene

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