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Proven Gen-Flex Revision Knee System

StelKast's patented Revision Knee System features unsurpassed femoral stem offset positioning and 360 degree tibial rotational positioning. The StelKast Revision Knee System offers endless possibilities for any revision patient in your care. Tibia

Patented Offset Stem

  • Offset 20mm from tibial resection
  • 360 degree rotational position
  • Precise fit on proximal tibia
  • Tri-Slot Titanium Cementless Stems
  • Polished cobalt-chrome cemented stems
  • Mechanically locked block augmentation

Multiple Offsets

  • 0mm, 2mm, and 4mm
  • Selectable via modular bushing

Patented Offset Stem

  • Infinite A/P adjustment unsurpassed in the market
  • Precise fit on distal femur
  • Balancing of flexion gap
  • Tri-Slot titanium cementless stems
  • Polished cobalt-chrome cemented stems
  • Distal and Posterior augmentation

Multiple Valgus Angles

  • 0, 3, 5, and 7 degrees
  • Selectable via modular valgus bushing

Surgical Protocol & Product Specifications