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Proven Gen-Flex Posterior Stabilized Knee System

StelKast’s Proven Gen-Flex™ Knee System is a long term, quality solution based on a clinically proven design. The Proven Gen-Flex™ Knee System provides the flexibility needed to address patients’ needs. In addition, instrument standardization and ease of identification keeps the user in mind and promotes functional efficiency.

Femoral Component

  • High Femoral / Tibial congruency
  • Deep patella groove
  • Flared anterior flange

Tibial Insert

  • Insert contour matches geometry of femoral component
  • 23, 26 and 30 mm thickness also available


  • Three or one peg options
  • Uniform peg locations
  • Rounded dome geometry

Tibial Tray

  • Full peripheral rail contains polyethylene
  • Secure tibial insert locking mechanism
  • Incorporates plus / minus sizing from femoral component

Surgical Protocol & Product Specifications