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Total Joint Hip and Knee Implants to Support Orthopedics' Newest Business Models.

To survive in a value-based healthcare economy, you must adopt new, responsive business models that keep you ahead of a changing orthopedic landscape. StelKast is your partner for every model. As a complete orthopedic company, we go beyond manufacturing and distribution and actively engage in research, product design and clinical studies to drive growth in our industry. And, we understand that your needs are changing as the industry changes. That's why we'll explore your business model of choice in the same manner we design, manufacture and deliver our implants—with the utmost attention-to-detail and flexibility.

  • Distribution models
  • Physician-owned distributorships
  • ACOs
  • Bundled payments
  • Surgeon-owned hospitals
  • Surgery centers

Privately Owned, Publicly Trusted.

We’re manufacturing and metallurgical experts that began forging and producing quality titanium implants and base parts in the 1970’s, supplying most of the major orthopedic market for three decades. Through the years, our privately held company has prevailed through many challenges faced by surgeons and hospitals alike. We continue to feel right at home today, aligning incentives to suit everyone while sharing the same end goal—improving patient outcomes.

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